Costly Coconut

Do you love hanging baskets, but are tired of having to replace those expensive coconut liners?

Well, grab a size Q crochet hook, two strands of yarn, and crochet yourself the perfect basket liner.

Rnd 1.Use the magic circle, starting with 6 sc,
Rnd 2. Two sc in each stitch.
Rnd 3.*2sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch*,
repeat * to * around.
Rnd 4. *2 sc in next stitch. 1 sc in each of next two stitches* repeat * to * around.

Continue in this pattern, adding six stitches to each round, until your circle is approximately the size of the bottom of your basket.
Now just make straight rounds (no increasing).

Continue until you reach just below the height of the basket, then do the next round around the top wire edge of the basket, attaching it as you go. Finish off.

I lined my hangers with a double layer of plastic grocery bags, as I need them to be drip-free. I'll just have to be sure not to over water. If this is not a concern for your hangers, you can simply line them with coffee filters, to keep the dirt from escaping.

Think of the design possibilities. You could, literally, make them any color you like.
Christmas yarn with a poinsettia? Sports team colors for the "man cave"?

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