Keep Your Rocks Warm

These crochet-covered river rocks look so pretty. They take surprisingly little time to create, and patterns can be found all over the internet. Just search for filet crochet coasters, or doilies. Follow the patterns until it reaches more than half way around the rock, then gather on the back side (either do a couple of decrease rows, or thread the string through each stitch and pull tight) and finish off.

Costly Coconut

Do you love hanging baskets, but are tired of having to replace those expensive coconut liners?

Well, grab a size Q crochet hook, two strands of yarn, and crochet yourself the perfect basket liner.

Rnd 1.Use the magic circle, starting with 6 sc,
Rnd 2. Two sc in each stitch.
Rnd 3.*2sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch*,
repeat * to * around.
Rnd 4. *2 sc in next stitch. 1 sc in each of next two stitches* repeat * to * around.

Continue in this pattern, adding six stitches to each round, until your circle is approximately the size of the bottom of your basket.
Now just make straight rounds (no increasing).

Continue until you reach just below the height of the basket, then do the next round around the top wire edge of the basket, attaching it as you go. Finish off.

I lined my hangers with a double layer of plastic grocery bags, as I need them to be drip-free. I'll just have to be sure not to over water. If this is not a concern for your hangers, you can simply line them with coffee filters, to keep the dirt from escaping.

Think of the design possibilities. You could, literally, make them any color you like.
Christmas yarn with a poinsettia? Sports team colors for the "man cave"?


Flip Flop Fever

If you are like me,, with a serious dislike for closed shoes, you probably spend a lot of time in flip flops.There are tons of redo suggestions all over the internet. But, I've got to tell you, these are, by far, the most comfortable.

Made with cotton clothesline and yarn. I just knitted i-cord around the clothesline until it was the length I needed. For the toe piece, I left out the clothesline, and just made plain i-cord. Then, good ol' E6000 to glue the cord in the holes and all done.

They feel absolutely fabulous on my feet. So easy, and so cute.


Flower Power

So, I promised we would make use of that bottle top you cut off, when you made the candy dish/planter.

This time, cut strips towards the cap, about six.
Round the edges , bend them down evenly and pop the petals "inside out". 

Now use Sharpies, paint, fabric, etc. to decorate.
Attach to a small dowel and enjoy, yet, another creation from a single 2-liter bottle.

"Pop Art" Planter

Here's another thought about the dish we made in the previous post

Turn that candy dish into a delightful planter.

For the ones in the pic, I painted the bottle before making the planter.
This way there is no paint inside the bottle to affect the plant adversely. 

I've gotten a ton of compliments on these planters. And, as always, it's so much fun to say, "I made it myself".

Spastic For Plastic

I've been having some fun with 2-liter bottles, 
lately. This candy dish was so simple and quick. I just love the result.

Here's a play-by-play of exactly how to make this adorable addition to your decor.

The first step is to cut off the top of the bottle. Use the label as your guide, it is the exact height you need.

Don't discard the bottle top, we will make good use of that in a later post.

Next, peel off that label. There will be label and adhesive residue left behind. You will need to completely remove it, using your method of choice.
I used hot water and a fingernail to get off the rest of the label, and peanut butter to remove the adhesive.

Now, it's time to make your cuts down the sides of the bottle. Make evenly spaced cuts from the top edge to approximately 4 inches down, resulting in 8-10 strips. Then round the corners on each one, and use a hole punch to make a hole in the top. I made mine the full depth of my hole punch to make it easy.

Bend each strip to the outside so that the punched hole is directly over the line around the bottom of the bottle, just above where it starts to curve. Make a mark on the line for each strip. Then use an exacto, or other tool, to make a small hole at the mark you made.

I used fishing line to attach my buttons. It's nearly invisible from the outside of the dish, and was fast and secure.

I hope you enjoy making, and utilizing, this totally adorable candy dish.